The mark of a great I.T. support technician is that person's ability to locate the root cause of an issue fast, and without breaking anything. This ability is called, troubleshooting. Troubleshooting is not something that can simply be picked up in one day. It takes training, knowledge, and a willingness to learn new things. You can tell the difference between a seasoned I.T. professional and a person new to the profession simply by their experience with troubleshooting issues. The process of elimination is the key to good troubleshooting and knowing how to navigate the elimination process effectively will determine how fast, or how slow, you will be at getting the problem fixed. This page is dedicated to my troubleshooting processes. None are absolutely perfect, but most of them are a starting point to getting a problem fixed.

Joe's Troubleshooting Workflow Processes

Printers - Desktop Printer Troubleshooting Workflow

Printers - Network Printer Troubleshooting Workflow

These are the top questions to ask, IN ORDER, when troubleshooting any issue regardless if the person has been asked these questions several times in the past.

  1. Is any0ne else experiencing this issue?
  2. Is this the first time this has happened? If not, when was the last time that this happened?
  3. Did anything change before the problem started?
  4. Do you experience the same issue on a different computer?
  5. How does this issue impact your job?