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Windows XP Image from Scratch

My process for creating a new Windows XP image from scratch.
  1. Install OS from CD.
  2. Enable the Local ADMINISTRATOR Account and reset the password.
  3. Set Windows Updates rules (check for updates, but let the user choose when to download AND install them).
  4. Enable Microsoft Updates.
  5. Run Windows Updates entirely (DO NOT INSTALL DRIVERS).
  6. Verify that Powershell 2.0 is installed.
  7. Verify that .NET Runtime 3.5 and 4.0 are installed.
  8. Go into Add\Remove Programs. Remove the following Windows features:
    Outlook Express
    Windows Messenger
    MSN Explorer
    Mouse Cursors
  9. Change Internet Zone settings in Internet explorer, Enable Mixed Content in the zone settings.
  10. Remove Windows Tour pop-ups.
  11. Optional - Brand the install with the background images and\or logon background.
    1. How to change the logon background in Windows XP
  12. Configure Start Menu, remove Help, add Run, remove Pictures and Videos.
  13. Configure Desktop Icons (add My Computer, My Documents, etc.). Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard.
  14. Configure Classic Logon in GPEDIT (do not remember last user logged on).
  15. Open Control Panel > Users. Click "Change the way users log on and off". Disable Fast User Switching and "Use the Welcome Screen".
  16. Disable Language Bar.
  17. Remove or Disable Windows Search 4.0 and Indexing Service.
  18. Ensure WMIC is installed and working.
  19. Apply WMI Windows XP Hotfix.
  20. Uninstall Windows Search 4.0.
    1. Execute this command from the command prompt: %windir%\$NtUninstallKB940157$\spuninst\spuninst.exe /passive /norestart
  21. Change "My Computer" to include the computer name.
  22. Embed CCLeaner app into the Windows OS. Do not create shortcuts on Desktop or Start Menu. Disable CCleaner updates during install.
  23. Run CCleaner now.
  24. Defrag the PC.
  25. Disable Automatic Restart after system failure (BSOD).
  26. Set the system cache to system managed.
  27. Log out of the Local Admin Account, log in with the local ADMINISTRATOR account.
  28. Copy the Local Admin Account profile over the Default User Profile.
  29. Delete all user profile folders in "C:\Documents And Settings\". DO NOT DELETE The "Default User" folder. Do not delete any user accounts from Computer Management.
    1. If you cannot delete a user profile folder, reboot the PC and delete them from Safe Mode.
  30. Delete all saved Windows Updates backups in C:\Windows\System32\.
    1. The text of the folders to be deleted will be BLUE in color.
  31. Log out of the ADMINISTRATOR account, log in with 2nd local admin account. Copy the ADMINISTRATOR profile over DEFAULT USER, then delete the ADMINISTRATOR profile data (not the user account).
  32. Verify that default user profile is set up correctly by logging out of local admin account, then log in with ADMINISTRATOR account. Delete the local admin profile data (not the user account).
  33. --OPTIONAL-- Disable Themes Service from services.msc.
  34. Reference PC is now ready for SYSPREP.