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Windows 7 Image From Scratch

My Process for creating a Windows 7 image from scratch:

  1. Install OS from ISO or CD.
  2. Disable User Account Control.
  3. Enable the local Admin account, reset password.
  4. Create a new local ADMIN account. Add it to local admin group.
  5. Set Windows Updates rules (check for updates, but let the user choose when to download AND install them).
  6. Enable Microsoft Updates.
  7. Run Windows Updates entirely (DO NOT INSTALL DRIVERS).
  8. Log in to PC with local admin account.
  9. Brand the OS with background images and\or logon image.
  10. Configure Start Menu; remove Help, add Run, remove Pictures and Video.
  11. Configure Desktop Items (Add Computer, User Folder, etc.).
  12. Edit Registry - add computer name under My Computer.
  13. Configure Power Settings.
  14. Disable "Automatically Restart" in the Advanced System properties.
  15. Enable Classic Logon from GPEDIT.MSC.
  16. Disable Windows Features:
    Windows Media Center
    Windows DVD Maker
    XPS Printer
    XPS Writer
  17. Add Start Menu shortcut for all users for the Problem Steps Recorder tool (PSR.EXE).
  18. Embed CCLEANER app into the Windows OS. Do not create shortcuts on Desktop or Start Menu. Disable CCLeaner updates during install.
  19. Configure IE Settings:
    Add domain to trusted sites
    Configure Internet Zone to display Mixed Content
  20. Install IE9 blocker.
  21. Delete user profile data (not the user accounts).
  22. DO NOT RUN SYSPREP. Capture Image using MDT 2010 Sysprep and Capture task sequence.