This is my own OS Deployment information. Sysprep info, Windows XP info, etc.
  1. Never create a new OS image from a previously created OS image. Always create a new OS image from scratch.
  2. Only install NIC card drivers when creating a new OS image, nothing else.
  3. Never embed the product key in the Windows 7 OS image. Have the MAK key in the MDT unattend.xml or use KMS for product activation whenever possible.
  4. Join the computer to the domain at the very last step. Never join the domain prior to the app install process.
  5. Never add the domain join process to SYSPREP or Unattend.xml when using MDT.
  6. Never assume something is going to work. Test, test, test.
  7. Triple-check your work, then have someone else triple-check your work.
  8. You are not done until someone else has checked your work.
  9. Document EVERYTHING such as what process does what, what software is installed during deployment, what images are you using, etc.

Things to consider when upgrading to a new Operating System:
  • OS Type to use
  • Licensing
  • Hardware
  • Application Compatibility
  • Staff Training
  • Group Policy
  • Specific settings

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